A logo is the first step to business motivation!

Are you thinking about starting your own business, although not sure when is the right time or move?  The first step in helping you decide, is to start visualizing what your business image/logo could look like.  This task can actually be a fun and challenging.  It is easier than you may think.  The world is full of visual art, textiles, colors, words and objects that you constantly decide for yourself if you like or dislike. Next time you see a color or a visual element out in the world that grabs your attention.  Ask yourself if you could incorporate those items into your logo and or business name.  If you discovered some elements, however you are not sure what to do next, a graphic designer can work with you to pull it all together.  Once you have your logo and business name designed, you can really start getting a sense if what you are trying to sell, be that a skill, product or service, matches your brand image.  This is key to starting out with confidence.  You will fill empowered handing over that fabulous business card to a potential client.  If you feel good about your image, the motivation and confidence take over and you are off to a great start!! My client Jerry Medeiros went through this exercise and he wanted to send the message to his potential clients that he was an environmentally friendly business selling top notch soils that vineyards and plants would thrive in.  We brain stormed for awhile on some ideas and elements that he liked and this is what I designed for his custom soil blending business.



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